Worship Vintage Bushwick


117 Wilson Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11237

I wrote a piece for My Stylist about my neighborhood. Today I'm taking you to Worship Vintage. Unlike the many bustling vintage shops in the East Village, Worship has a relaxed atmosphere. Not to mention, it boasts a finely selected stock of pieces that are reasonably priced. I'm not talking about a $500 price tag on a sequin dress, as I've seen at some SoHo vintage shops.

One of my favorite things I tried on was this oversized varsity jacket. Another piece I loved was this denim jacket with Harley Davidson patches. Worship also has accessories like hats, sunglasses, and bags, so you can go all out and vintage-ify yourself from head to toe. Worship also has a backyard and they throw events during the summertime so you can hang with other vintage loving Brooklynites. 

Photographed by  Scott Brasher