Woodzee Naomi Sunglasses

Yesterday my blog pal Christine and I journeyed to Wave Hill, a public garden on the Hudson riverside in the Bronx. I wore my Woodzee sunnies since it was a beautiful, bright day perfect for exploring trails and smelling flowers. One of the cool things about Woodzee is when you make a purchase, they plant a tree! They also use sustainably sourced materials, like the ones that make my sunglasses. As I was taking in the greenery at Wave Hill, I felt major appreciation for wildlife and for all the beauty that surrounds us in in the natural world. There were trees as tall as apartment buildings, and herbs that came in as many colors as lipsticks I wear.

Woodzee "Naomi" sunglasses
Woodzee "Naomi" sunglasses

Woodzee "Naomi" Walnut Wood Sunglasses

Wood isn't just for cutting boards and bookcases. I've never owned a pair of wooden sunnies, but I love the look and feel of the elegant Walnut. The killer purple reflective lenses don't hurt either. Eco friendly + fashion forward shopping is proving to be the way of the future. Jump on board and shop Woodzee.  I'll be posting all my Wave Hill photos very soon! Check this Instagram for a sneak peek. 

Photographed by Christine Tsang