The Weekend Edit - Brunch Bushwick Style

Heavy Woods

Heavy Woods

Where to Eat

1. Heavy Woods - I've gushed about this brunch spot before. The drinks are awesome (bacon bloody mary) and the food will leave you feeling full and happy.

2. Cafe Ghia - Dubbed "The Best Biscuits and Gravy in Bushwick, (Bushwick Daily)" I had to try the dish out myself and it did not disappoint!

3. Mominette - If you want to try an unusual brunch drink, try the Green Giant, a kale and gin cocktail.

4. Bushwick's Living RoomThe menu is enormous and all the dishes are endlessly customizable. There’s a section called “add anything to anything.”


1. White Skinny Jeans - Springtime is the perfect time to wear white. White jeans are crisp and pair beautifully with other neutrals. Just be sure to set a napkin down in your lap.

2. Camel Sandals - Pair a skin-toned sandal with your white jeans to make your legs look super long.

3. Denim Shirt - The denim shirt is a weekend staple in my closet, so easy to throw on and go.

4. Tan Fedora - Bed head? Not a problem. Put a hat on it (#PutABirdOnIt).