NYC East Village Treehouse

Hope everyone's enjoying their Sunday! It's a bit gloomy here in NYC today, but I'm looking forward to the week. Fun stuff is happening so I'm getting jazzed to be a part of it all. 

Here are some more photos I shot with Vans in the East Village. Remember that treehouse I mentioned (previous post)? This is it! The treehouse has a small coffee table and seating inside, with a bookshelf full of reading material about gardening. French doors open out onto a little balcony, and there are even a cafe table and a couple of chairs outside. 

I was thrilled to discover this tiny little treasure in the middle of the Village. I never had a treehouse as a kid, so this is kind of like rediscovering a grown-up version surrounded by greenery. See all the photos at Vans Girls.

Apneet Kaur for Vans, East Village Treehouse NYC
Apneet Kaur for Vans
Apneet Kaur for Vans, East Village Treehouse NYC

Photographed by Alyson Romanok for Vans