Over the weekend we had a little snowfall. Subsequently, the next day day was icy and slushy. The bae and I walked to #PhoBrunch near our apartment, and I got the chance to test out my Mynxx ice grips over my ASOS oxfords. They stretch over the toe of the shoe and fasten at the heel, with spikes on the bottom, giving me extra traction on pretty much any of my flat shoes. All of a sudden my winter show collection just got so much bigger!


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mynxx ice grips
bellfield denim dress

I'm totally obsessed with this dress and am anticipating wearing it sans-tights with some sandals in the summertime. The patchwork, the mini cut, the shift shape, it's basically a dream, combining ALL of my favorite elements in a garment. PLUS, it has pockets. So much #winning. Shop it now before they sell out (it's on sale!) I found the Brit brand Bellfield last month, and also bought this coat by the same brand, so look out for a post wearing that soon.

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