Make Your Own Magic with Mejuri

I’m honored to join the Mejuri Fine Crew and offer my readers a 10% off shopping link for their first Mejuri purchase. Mejuri makes pieces that I keep in my daily rotation and each piece has come to mean something special to me. Most of all, that’s what I appreciate about Mejuri. Their brand DNA encourages fine jewelry for everyday without traditional industry markups. Find my favorite pieces below!

Black Spinel Necklace

mejuri black spinel necklace

Recently I got into crystal meditation and healing. This crystal is connected to renewal and rejuvenation. Other crystals in necklace form by Mejuri include: Blue Lace Agate, Rose Quartz, & Lapis Lazuli, all with their own unique properties.

Zodiac Ring

mejuri pisces signet ring
mejuri pisces signet ring

Oval Hoops

For the astrologers in all of us, a tiny token of your birthday. To me this ring represents reflection, growth, and constant motion as we move through life.

mejuri black spinel necklace

These hoops instantly elevate any outfit, making them perfect for nights out. I also frequently wear them with more casual outfits and I love the unique shape.

Pearl Hoops

mejuri organic pearl hoops
mejuri organic pearl hoops

Not your grandmother's pearls 〰️ Sorry, gram! Mejuri’s Organic Pearl collection is here and no pearl looks exactly the same. Each handpicked & completely unique. Kinda like you and me.

The Boyfriend Stacker

mejuri boyfriend stacker ring

Current relationship status: charmed by the Boyfriend Stacker. This simple ring is a thick band perfect for a knuckle stack or worn alone.

Lariat Necklace

mejuri lariat necklace

This tiny sapphire choker is adjustable, meaning you can wear it long or short. It’s a great layering piece and also beautiful worn alone for a minimalist vibe.

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