Lost on Film

I thought I'd share some shots on film that never made it into a blog post.. because no one's perfect and I don't take perfect photos all of the time. Regardless, there are still some beautiful memories in those imperfect moments. As I've grown my blog over the years, the "Film Diary" feature is one of my favorites. I hope you enjoy a glimpse into my merry and unplanned lyfe.

pearls social and billy club brooklyn bar

Thanksgiving 2013 with #AussieBabes Alice and Sarah at Pearls Billy & Social Club in Bushwick. Of all the people they could have looked up on couchsurfing.com, they picked me. We all became fast friends for the epic year they spent in NYC.

film photo

Housewarming 2010? Don't remember anything of this night other than what the photos tell me. That's why I'm glad I took them. Pic or it didn't happen. 

liz deleo on film

Ma BFF for life, the beautiful and talented Liz Deleo. There are no words describe her worldly knowledge and wise soul.

alice on film

#AussieBabe Alice again at Pearl's (thank you couchsurfing). She got dat Hot Toddie!

andrea sobieski

Drea being totally adorable outside the Boiler Room party in Los Angeles. Love yo smile.

big sur

Big Sur... Big Sur you are fucking beautiful. My home state is the most heavenly slice of earth I know. Sure makes me miss "California winter," where the weather is pleasant and the spiked Horchata abundant.

fur coat in oakland

In Oakland, very drunk, and very warm in my vintage fur. I remember the Ruby Room. And drinking with the people I knew when I was 12. Now we can sling dat alcohol and so much time has passed, but we haven't changed.

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