Hot Pink Lipstick for Summer

Summer is nearly here! I get quite tan when the weather is warm, so I usually change up my makeup routine a bit and experiment with different hues when my complexion changes. This time around I'm loving hot pink, a shade I come back to again and again. It's more playful than a cherry red, and less dramatic than a plum or berry. I love to wear it for day or night, it's a nice punchy color that really makes a statement. I'm wearing a Dior lipstick in a shade called "Deauville." It's super bright and pigmented, and pretty creamy too. It stayed put and lasted for quite a long time after application. I love the contrast of this uber-bright shade against my tan skin.

Dior "deauville" Lipstick
Hot pink lipstick for brown skin

Dior "Rouge Dior" in Deauville

Before applying any kind of lipstick, I always make sure to moisturize first with a chapstick or balm. As of late I've been using olive oil on my lips before bed! It's so hydrating, always in my kitchen, and easy to use. Plus, you can give yourself a lip treatment by mixing in a little bit of sugar into the oil and creating a lip scrub. Easy! 

Photographed by Christine Tsang

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