I Found My Heart in Sedona

How awesome is this rock?!

Left my mark in Arizona.

Forever 21 tee, Thrifted flannel, Zara skirt, Vintage jacket, UO backpack, Doc Martens boots, Sorrelli cuff, Verameat rings

I'd learned my lesson from the day before and opted for flat boots when I went hiking in Sedona. The views from mountaintops were so beautiful and breathtaking, and I really enjoyed running around on giant rocks while trying not to die. Even the drive from Phoenix was picturesque.

When the sun had set, my family and I did some sight seeing in Uptown Sedona (if I'm correct), and I scored a bad ass leather jacket. Back in Phoenix, we went to a dive on my last night in town and had a grand time playing pool.

Since then, I've made a quick sop in Denver, and am currently stationed in New Mexico. I'm here for a few days after being in three different states over the course of four days. I'm glad I'll get to rest my bones for a bit before heading off to Texas. See y'all from the lone star state!

Photos by myself and Gurjinder