Houndstooth Coat

I received my coat from eShakti, just in time for the weather to really call for some serious outerwear. I'll tell you right now colder months are not my favorite and it would be grand if I never had to live in a winter season again. However, until the winter is over, I can bear it with this amazing houndstooth topper.

eshakti coat, kill city jeans outfit
eshakti coat, kill city jeans outfit
eshakti coat, kill city jeans outfit

eShakti Houndstooth Coat, Truly Madly Deeply "Graphic Hi-Low Tee," VANS bomer jacket, Kill City jeans, Doc Martens boots, Deux Lux backpack

Which brings me to my point: it's all about the COAT for Fall/Winter. It's most likely the only thing people will see as you pass them on the street shivering with a warm latte in hand in a mad dash to get to the subway. The coat is the ultimate style statement in winter months, and I love a standout coat. I would never want to blend in with those puffy-down-coat "I'm cozy" people! Who wants to look like a Michelin man, anyway?

I ordered from eShakti, which allows you to pick your size and tailor the garment to your measurements. I think I may have ordered a size up, but it was an unexpected surprise since I love boxy jackets so much. Since you are in control of sizing with eShakti, you really can't go wrong. You can also add your height to the design, and even alter other details like sleeves and hems! Check out this similar coat on their website right now. 

Photographed by Scott Brasher

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