Half-Do with Bumble and Bumble

When I want a soft, romantic look I invariably style my hair into a half-do with wispy bangs to frame my face. Of course, as an avid user of a curling iron, my hair can sometimes take a beating. Luckily, cult favorite hair studio Bumble and Bumble created Hairdressers Invisible Oil shampoo and conditioner to give my hair some goodness in the shower. The formula combines a blend of six oils to help "soften, silken, tame, de-frizz, detangle and protect." The formula is also sulfate-free.

easy half-up hairstyle with bumble and bumble hairdresser's invisible oil

The main property I love about this shampoo, besides it's restorative qualities, is the de-frizz action. If there's one gripe I've always had about my hair, it's frizz. How many times have you styled your hair in a 'do and there are those pesky flyaways and pieces of unruly frizz?? It's frustrating. With the BB shampoo, I've noticed less frizz in the overall texture of my hair. 

Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil line, OCC Makeup "Lip Tar" in Black Metal Dahlia and "Creme Color Concentrate" in Trick, NYX "Hot Singles" eyeshadow in Heat

After washing, I'll blow dry, but not without the Hairdresser's Invisible Oil HEAT/UV Protective Primer. It acts like makeup primer and shields against hot tools. Pretty rad. 

The next time you need a casual night time look, try this! It's simple, easy, and feminine without being too fussy. I've put a little 90's twist on my variation, but you can easily make it a more classic style by simply pulling your bangs back and making the half-up ponytail lower on your crown, like this example. (Source) If you want to be a little grungy, simply tie the pony into a topknot, like this example. (Source)

easy half-up hairstyle with bumble and bumble hairdresser's invisible oil

Step One

Wash and condition. (You can skip this step if you want a more messy, lived in look. The primer in the next step can be applied to damp or dry hair.)

Step Two

Apply a primer to protect your hair from heat styling.

Step Three

Blow dry as normal.

Step Four

Separate your hair into sections and curl. Curl your hair in opposite twists with each strand to create a more natural, voluminous style. For a more uniform look, curl the left side of your hair one way, and the right side the opposite way. 

easy half-up hairstyle with bumble and bumble hairdresser's invisible oil

Step Five

Let your bangs fall where your like them, and give them a soft curl. I turn my curling iron off, and curl the last strands while the iron is cooling down so as not to apply too much heat and get a very tight curl. 

Step Six

Nourish the ends of your hair with Hairdresser's Invisible Oil for a perfect frizz-free finish and to polish your strands. A little goes a long way, try two pumps in your hand, rub together, and gently pull through your hair.

Step Seven

Whip your hair back at forth! 


Hairdresser's Oil leaves a glossssaayyy finish, a trademark of happy, healthy hair.


This post was brought to you in collaboration with Refinery 29 and Bumble and Bumble.

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