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forever 21 printed dress
forever 21 printed dress

I wore this dress the entire weekend simply because I love the boxy, floaty shape, and I was super lazy in putting together outfits. Most of my energy just went to enjoying the perfect weather and good company.

Generally you can drink for free on any night in New York City, and that is a glorious thing. I remember one summer being just flat broke. I spent the last of my money on an iced coffee and shared it with my then boyfriend. Luckily we both had our keys to the city, unlimited metrocards, so for days we just hopped on the train and saw a lot of really bad art accompanied by "free 99" wine. Each opening always had complimentary drinks, so that was what we did for a while. It's worth it to discover some new artists because, hey, at least you'll be getting turnt along the way.

Moral of the story: Don't change your clothes, spend your time with good people seeing art, and never pay for alcohol. 

Needless to say my friend and I gallery hopped a bit this weekend for the fun of it. You start seeing the same people at these openings, the art junkies, the hipsters, and the old heads. Check out Art Slant if you want to get your gallery game face on. They always have listings of things to do downtown and around Brooklyn.  

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