3 Holiday Looks to Wear Year-Round

Here's a twist on the "Holiday Look" outfit post - pieces you can wear now for the holidays, but that also translate to getting wear outside of the holidays! Because let's face it, it's nice to buy that *statement* dress or skirt for a special party, but I like to get use out of the things I buy and wear them out of context to create outfits.

Glitter pants

Think of yourself as a traveling human disco ball in some glitter pants. Click here to see another way I wore these amazing bottoms (thrifted, thank you). Shop below:

Gold V Label London dress

Pretend you're a Christmas ornament in a decadent gold dress. Shop below: 

Cut out maxi dress

A cut out maxi dress is dramatic without being too revealing. Think of yourself as a gift that is wrapped in the right places. Shop below: 

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