Invitation - TOMS x Bloomingdales

On warm days my favorite thing to do is have a slow morning in my backyard with breakfast and maybe a good book or tunes. Sunning under Brooklyn rays is better with friends, so my good homie Kyle joined me today for my java ritual. It’s getting us more and more excited for the arrival of Spring. 

This Thursday, Bloomingdales is hosting the TOMS launch for their newest venture: coffee! You can try out their blends in the store. When you buy a bag of coffee, TOMS donates one week of water to those in need. This is the same model of buying and donating that they offer with their shoes and glasses as well. Please see the invite above, and I hope to see you there!

Thursday | 3.27.2014 | 1000 3rd Ave | 5-8PM

TOMS Coffee

TOMS "Honduras Roast" coffee, Vintage cups and saucers from Housing Works

Apneet KaurCoffee