"How We Kick It" Interview with Stance

Oh yeah! The good folks at Stance think I'm pretty cool. They interviewed me on music, style, and my passions. Check out some quotes below, and click on the photos to be taken to the full interview!

"Apneet Kaur is at the intersection of a lot of things we find very, very cool: she’s a music student, a fashion journalist (you can read her work on Refinery29.com), a New York transplant by way of California, and a master of mixing old and new. She’s curated a life of uncommon style, a wildly popular style blogger who’s just as comfortable downing Long Islands out of mason jars in the desert as she is rushing through downtown Manhattan in vintage stilettos. Get to know her now."

You took a cross-country road trip…sans car. How and why and what was the best part?

Yes! It was so rad. Since moving to New York in 2008, I’ve had no need for a car, and being the resourceful hooligan I am, I decided to travel by bus and air only. It was great because I didn’t have to worry about gas, insurance, parking, or even driving long hours. I made friends everywhere I went, and still keep in tough with those folks today. I covered the southwest starting in San Francisco and ending in Houston, touching 16 cities and five states. My favorites were Sedona, Arizona, and Austin, Texas. In Austin there is a bar that serves “Big Ass Long Islands” out of 32-ounce mason jars for $5. That’s a cocktail as big as my head. My bones were getting tired toward the end, but a trip like that was just what I needed at the time. The coolest part was coming back home to NYC after a month on the road with just me and my camera (and suitcase), and realizing how special it all was. 

What musicians had the best style?

Maria Callas is a classic beauty, she always had the most expressive countenance. As an opera singer, it’s important that your hair doesn’t hide any part of your face, to show expression on stage. I adore her short bangs and cat-eye makeup. I also love Bob Dylan’s style as well. Dylan experimented a lot with his style, constantly changing it up. I admire that he was able to take on many different personae by changing his clothes. Dudes in suits will never ever go out of style a la Frank Sinatra and Ferraby Lionheart. For that matter, women in suits don’t go out of style either; I’m looking at you, Patti Smith. Thelonius Monk would always wear a different hat on stage, and that’s rad. Hats are so important to my daily outfits—a hat at night is like a great pair of sunglasses during the day. A little mystery is charming.

We think socks are having a moment—how have you seen them worn well?

Socks are totally having a moment! The girls downtown will pair them with Docs, a sock peeking out of the top of their boots. Chicks in Williamsburg will wear socks with their loafers and dress shoes.

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