VSCO Cam Photos

Some of you ask where I edit my photos for Instagram so I thought I'd share a few photos from my VSCO feed. I recently discovered the VSCO Cam app on iPhone and it's encouraged me to capture small moments here and there throughout my day. Here are two photos I shot in my city. One comes from Brooklyn, along my M train commute, and the other from Manhattan's Upper East Side in my school's building. VSCO has some great editing options so if you're looking to bring a little magic to your snapshots I suggest you check it out in the app store. 

Another thing I love about VSCO is that it truly feels like a photographic community, no matter where you are or what your subject matter. The people behind VSCO regularly highlight member photos on the VSCO Grid and Journal with interview series and features. Check it out for some fresh inspiration!

Upper East Side VSCO Cam
Photo, TechApneet Kaur