Vintage in Long Beach

This was an excellent day in Long Beach. My friends and I ended up at a brunch house party hang jam session thing and proceeded to drink Mimosas through the afternoon. I met a vet named Sal and we talked about WW2, how Los Angeles has changed, and rock 'n roll. I often find the older crowd very pleasant, and will single them out in a social setting and pick their brains.

It was a warm and pleasant day that turned into a cool evening, and everyone was in the yard, out on the back porch, lazing around the couches in the living room and just enjoying a perfect sunny day. Wintertime in California... I'm still dreaming of it back here in dreary, freezing NYC. 

I'm wearing heat-to-toe vintage that I found around the states. The dress is from a vintage shop whose name I've forgotten in Colorado, the bag from my friends at Chapel NYC, and the boots from California. 

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