Adventures in Thrifting

Day one back home in California was absolutely magical. It's been a whole year since I've been on the west coast, and I almost forgot what 70 degrees in January felt like. Wintertime in California beats all other winters everywhere until the end of time.

After an early flight in from BK my friends and I made a pit stop to In & Out Burger. It's traditionally the very first and the very last thing I eat when I'm visiting. I haven't deviated from this post-flight meal formula for nearly six years. When it's good, baby, it's good. 

The rest of the day I spent thrifting with my friends and found some amazing vintage scores.. Speaking of vintage, I def wouldn't hit the fairer coast without some Chapel NYC tees, so I brought along this Madonna crop! It's uber-soft, and my friend Patrick picked it out just for me- way to make a lass feel loved, Chapel family!

Photo Jan 15, 7 32 14 PM.jpg

Found a flat basketball in the thrift store. Tested myself to see if I still held skillz. Yup.

Photo Jan 15, 7 29 45 PM.jpg
Photo Jan 15, 7 30 45 PM.jpg
Photo Jan 15, 7 33 40 PM.jpg

SWIMMIN IN THE RACKS! Happy when I'm thrifting!! Found some amazing pieces in my hometown shop.. meaning OVERALL CAPRI CARGOS.. just you wait until I use them in an outfit post!

Vans cap, Chapel NYC vintage tee, Kill City jeans, CAT Footwear "Allison" boot

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