Vintage Baby Blue

It's New Year's Day in Detroit! I'm currently recovering at my friend's house where we made an amazing brunch feast. I mean, jack Daniels infused honey berry fruit salad, let's talk about it!

I thrifted this coat the other day and I'm totally obsessed. I haven't taken it off since I didn't bring appropriate warm weather clothes with me when I left New York. The buttons are beautiful and the pocket detail isn't something I've seen many times before. True blue, my favorite color, in a crazy warm wool coat!

I've got loads and loads of photos to share from this trip, which has been half vacation and half history lesson. Detroit has so much going on, both good and bad, and I'm so glad I decided to come! My camera broke so I've only been shooting film, so stay tuned for more from the D.

Photographed by Robbie Dwight