Film Diary - Detroit Rock City

I'm back in New York after a crazy adventure in Michigan! It was an amazing time, I'm so happy I got to ring in the new year with one of my oldest friends, and a few new ones I made along the way.

On new year's day we all woke up after sleeping in a little, and drove to make brunch at a friend's house. Afterward, we hit the yacht club for a dip in the hot tub. It was pretty magical, watching the snow fall all around us as we sat in the bubbly warm water. Afterward, a little detox in the sauna, and we were all refreshed from the previous night's festivities.

So many more photos are on their way! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday, can't wait to see what 2014 holds. 

Driving down the street in Detroit, there is tons of street art and public art installations at every turn. Residents have turned ruins into a visual playground.

This is at the New Dodge, a local dive in Hamtramck. Once I found my baby blue coat I didn't take it off, anything to beat the chill. It was mostly below freezing the entire time I was in Michigan.

Alarming text messages in a basement art gallery we entered after hours. A dance party ensued before we ended up leaving to hit the road for bar hopping adventures.

These two gentlemen were Robbie and I's pool opponents at the Bronx bar. I'm a decent player, but they were really good. In the end, we won the game!

With no other way to shoot this shot, I threw the stick around my back and aimed. I made it! Behind the back pool swag!

My ever so handsome pool partner, Robbie. One of my oldest friends in New York who now lives in Detroit, and the #1 reason for my visit. He runs that town.

Thrifting at Value Village one evening.. being a superstar in the mens long-sleeve section! everywhere I go I have to thrift, and I found some amazing pieces at this shop.

A lot of commercial buildings and homes are abandoned in Detroit. Even this used tampon didn't stand a chance and was strewn across the street in the downtown area where I had lunch one afternoon.