Refinery 29 My Stylist: 3 Bushwick Haunts (Part Three)

Before I moved to New York, people warned me to choose my apartment carefully. When you move to a neighborhood, they said, you never leave. And, they were right. On my free days, I like to mosey around my little patch of this grid-plan city, humbly known as Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Of course, I spend plenty of time in Manhattan for school and work, but not having to take the train to get to some amazing places is truly a blessing — and it rules. Take a little tour of my neck of the woods. You may like it so much, you just might move! 

So, here's a formal introduction to my neighborhood bar where I love to catch a drink, Pearl's Billy and Social Club. Click to read the rest at Refinery 29 to see why this place wins my whiskey-loving heart!

On to the outfit: One who always toasts to vintage, I wore a retro, printed, graphic tee with monster faces on it. Fun, right? Topped with a navy suit jacket (remember my suit moment), and a flannel around my waist, it’s a cute and comfortable look for a day off. Boyfriend jeans have lately become my go-to, and this pair from ASOS fits so well.

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Photographed by Scott Brasher, a million thanks to you!