Greenport Series

Last weekend I went to visit my beautiful friend Liz in Greenport, Long Island. I first met Liz a few years ago in NYC through mutual friends, and adored her relaxed outlook on life, beyond-cool style and that ever-present smile across her face. Over the summer, she made the move to Greenport to open up her vintage store, The Times Vintage.

Immediately, I could see why she abandoned the city for a much more simple approach to living. Away from noises and lights, but near the sea and trees, I feel in love with Greenport during the short time I was there. Everything was QUAINT as could be, and I liked waking up and walking to get coffee, then stopping at a little shop for daily bread and champagne.

Liz and I played dress up with pieces from her shop. Everything we're wearing is off the racks from The Times. We roamed around her neighborhood, finding some beautiful locations just steps away from her shop, and ended up on the docks just before sunset to capture some photos. More on the way!

The Times Vintage - 429 Main St. Greenport, Long Island (Check out their Instagram)

Absolutely in love with this pastel '60's bedtime jacket.

Eat your heart out, John Cusak.