On My Block

Vintage blouse, sweater and belt, Rich + Skinny

"Dillon" pants

, Candela shoes, BCBG


What's good! Coming to you LIVE from

my new neighborhood

- my first blog post shot right outside my new apartment! I couldn't be happier with the move. Aside from having to

drive a U-Haul

, getting a parking ticket, and moving the in the middle of midterms, I'm super happy at the new spot. 

We have a backyard and fire pit (let's party), a studio that's almost ready to go with work tables and power tools, and my

little dog loves all the extra space

he has to run around in. There is tons of street art everywhere, and all my favorite bars and restaurants are now skateable, if not within walking distance.

Plus, all my friends are right around one or two stops on the train from me. I can't wait to show you all some of my die hard spots around the neighborhood in next month's

My Stylist

articles, so stay tuned!

Anyhow, I wore this cozy outfit around this weekend to do some exploring. Fall is here so I'm pulling out all the hats, sweaters, and socks! This navy blue vintage sweater has been in my closet forever. It's falling apart, but I can't let go of that "grandpa" charm it has. I'm a fan of mixing olives with navy tones and even brown, but I threw in a little hot pink zebra sock to brighten things up a bit.

Photos by

Derek A. Welte