Who is Apneet? x EJK | The Story of My Pug

Vintage sweater and jacket, Volcom "Buzz" sneakers, Element Eden "Cambridge" hat

Meet me pup, Chapeau. He's a Chinese dog with a French name living with little old me in Brooklyn. How he became mine is a bit of a long story, but once I found him I knew he was perfect. Once the idea got into my head that - HEY, it's realistic for me to own a dog - I went on a search a pup that would be my own.

A dog is a huge responsibility, and living in New York makes it no easier. It's a commitment that will be with you for several years, so the decision was not taken lightly. Vaccinations and vet visits also add up, so I made sure I would be able to care for my dog before I signed up to be a single mom, har har.

Before I had Chapeau (sometimes I call him "Shadow Cat," it's his spirit name), I had already settled on the name. It means "hat" in French, and since I love hats and am learning French, I though it fit.

I picked him up from Rockaway Beach, where he was with his three other siblings. There were two fawn pugs in the littler, and Chapeau was one of two black pugs. He had a little white patch on his chest and I loved his "tuxedo" marking. I told the owners I was interested in him and they let him out of the puppy pen. He immediately started running all around their living room, a little ball of fur he was! Eventually he made his way to my lap! I knew he was going to be my BPF (Best Pug Friend).

I took him home and he adjusted to his new surroundings. My roommate and I were listening to the Misfits, and I kid you not- he started softly head banging to the music. I was overcome with glee. This tiny two-month old ball of energy was MINE! That night, he slept with me in my bed. I could hold his tiny pug body in the palm of my two hands. He slept on my shoulder, and slowly crawled up to sleep right on top of my head! I thought, "How perfect. His name is Chapeau, and he's acting like a hat!" Hehe.

Every day I wake up and I see his wrinkly little face staring back at me with his big eyes

and it melts my heart. Nowadays, we go to bars together, I take him shopping with me, and we sun in my backyard. He's my constant companion and friend, and a reminder that even when things aren't peachy, I have a sweet and adorable pup that will always greet me happily when I get home. He's got such a personality, he's a little character.

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Photos by Emma Jane Kepley