Who is Apneet? x EJK | Myrtle Avenue

Gypsy Warrior "Gypsy Warrior Social" vest, Forever 21 tank, Neff "Daily Beanie", Kill City jeans, Vintage bag and shoes

Recently, I met Emma at an art show that my super rad friend Casey curated. I'd known of her work via following her Instagram, and she had come across my blog some days previous. Excitedly, we made plans to shoot. Emma's ebullient personality and beautiful photos immediately drew me to working with her. 

We started at my apartment - where I hadn't even begun to unpack half of my closet - and I styled myself around what little I had laying around. Needless to say, this outfit and other ones we shot are comprised of my absolute favorite pieces. Those things I kept mental notes of or in sight while I was in the process of moving.

We have so much more to share from a short afternoon that started with breakfast in my backyard, and lead us nearby to Myrtle Avenue, where this set of images was shot. I'm so jazzed to see what else Emma captured.. stay tuned.

Photos by Emma Jane Kepley, to whom I give a million thanks.