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Sup, boys 'n gals? Welcome to "Film Diary," my life told through film photos with a camera passed around the room with friends and a few words that no one may call "prose." Why the new series? I realized I take a ton of photos on film (Nikon + CVS bought) that sort of go nowhere. I officially pronounce this diary as a place to motivate me to develop those rolls and share.

I love film photography because the photo is all about the moment. For me, it isn't about getting the perfect shot, but rather experimenting and just having fun. You can't go back and immediately look at what you've captured, so it's imperative that you catch the moment and get it right. Or not. Overexposed or blurry film photos have a charming quality of their own. So, look and read on for a glimpse of my world- or any other wild young lass', for that matter.

 On day one in Philly my friend Chris picked me up and we headed to the boy cave art house. Adam had just gotten back in town the day previous, so I decided I would surprise him with a visit.

First we hit FDR skatepark, where I was too much of a pussy to skate the park, but did get on a half-pipe for the first time. It went well until I did the splits and landed on my knee. A few minutes later it felt better and we kept skating the ramp. My knee still feels a little crunchy but I'm sure nothing's majorly wrong.

After a while we hit another spot where Chris and his friend Skylar were filming. I totally forgot the trick but here's the photo where Sky finally landed it... RIDE AWAY CLEAN.

Once we got back from the skatepark Adam joined Chris and I on our boards. We started with dinner, then went from bar to bar to bar until it was time to go home. All weekend long we kept dancing and posing as we were cruising. I'm not sure why we thought it was so funny but Adam threw his arms up like I have in the above photo, and that became our go-to signal. Bird gang?

Just second-day-skating-no-shower whiskey hangs with this one. Right before this photo was taken Adam and I both had stoic expressions like some goons, but Chris cracked a joke that made us laugh. Then he snapped this photo.

This is the bar cat from El Bar, which is probably my favorite nasty dive bar in Fishtown. The bartender always wears sunglasses no matter how dark it is, and serves cocktails in a PINT glass. Triple whiskey anyone? That'll be five dollars.

I love visiting all my dear friends and favorite spots in Philly, and try to go every few weeks. It feels just a like a "backyard" with it's chilled out pace, sunny side streets, and graffiti at every turn. Just a short two hours away from NYC, it's a place that is always fun to be in no matter what is going on with life in Brooklyn - good or bad. 

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