My Old Stomping Grounds


H&M jacket,

Chapel NYC

vintage Harley tee & Levi's shorts, Candela NYC shoes, Miss Gustto

"Claudia" bag

Over the weekend I had some business which lead me to the Upper West Side. Before Brooklyn and before Bushwick, I was mostly an uptown girl, starting on the east side and eventually moving west. Something about the UWS is classic New York to me and always will be. I love the proximity to Central Park, the riverside, and all the beautiful homes and architecture. My first memories in New York were made in the neighborhood, and I spent two years at school on 85th st. Often times I'd visit Lincoln Center to catch the orchestra rehearsals (free to music students), or sit in

Alice's Tea Cup

and devour scone after scone with pots of tea to boot. 

It was easy to fall back into my little routine on the UWS, even for a condensed amount of time. I enjoyed a cupcake and Earl Grey from


, and made my way to the park right before dusk. I love that little slab of greenery right in the center of this concrete city. 

I wore some comfy vintage digs AKA tee & shorts, and topped the look off with a suit jacket. (I've been very much into suits and can't wait to show you a look on

Refinery 29

next month in my first suit!) I've not been without my



lately, as it is SO the perfect size for running here and there all day long. It fits so much stuff, the only question being how much is too much when I can't carry my bag without falling over, ha ha ha. In any case, I'm already picturing this carry-all to replace my backpack for little weekend trips and what not. 

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