Casual Lower East Side Goth


Chapel NYC

vintage tee



, Doc Martens boots, Headpeace Love

"Dylan" headband

as choker, Verameat rings, Vintage coat & bag

In case you missed it, the title of this post is a total joke, but appropriate nonetheless. In all the summer hoopla with brights and prints I woke one morning resisting all the urges to look like a bouquet. The result was this outfit, which incorporates everything I love: vintage, pieces by local designers, and a little girly edge by way of that sparkle 'round my neck.

I borrowed this sick Harley tee from my friend last week. By that I mean I wore it every day until it was covered in wine and lipstick stains therefore making it unfit (or more so?) for a 4th day in a row piece.

Speaking of local designers as mentioned above, the choker I'm wearing is from a

growing independent line called

Headpeace Love

. Each headband is handmade with materials like Swarovski crystals and beads, right here in Brooklyn. Instead of wrapping it around my head I threw it on my neck as I was heading out the door to complete the look.

Photos by

Jonas Bresnan