The City of Brotherly Love

When packing for a weekend goes wrong


Vintage hat, jacket, and sweater, Marc by Marc Jacobs t-shirt dress (

similar on sale for 40% off!

), Diesel boots, BCBG Max Azria sunnglasses, Urban Outfitters backpack


Adam's flannel and beanie, Urban Outfitters backpack, TOMS


, vintage jacket


During my last few days of spring break I caught a ride to Philly. My dear friend Adam lives in a beautiful loft with unique little touches like a bat cave (heh), indoor swing, and tons of knick knacks lying about. The two of us have caroused around together for years now from Hollywood, to Brooklyn, and back. Since he's relocated to Philadelphia, I've been making trips here and there when I can to catch up. Each time I go, I end up grabbing something from his closet and putting it on. Check the outfit details above to see what I borrowed my BFF.


Vintage jacket and


, TEXTILE Elizabeth & James


, Adam's sneakers

Before I left I woke with no time to get my belongings together before I had to leave Brooklyn, and therefore had to packed my luggage in about five minutes flat. Once I arrived to Philly, I realized how many extra pieces I had thrown into my suitcase. Instead of taking practical things, I brought three pairs of skirts, but only one top! Among the poorly planned bag were also two pairs of heels (WHY?), and three dresses. 

What was I thinking?

With limited styling options for weather, I unknowingly gave myself a strict uniform of: denim jacket, hat, and

whatever else I blindly tossed in my carryall.

It can be frustrating when you forget your “favorite pair of this-or-that” and can’t wear anything else because it just “doesn’t work.” /end dramatics/ You get what I mean. Some planning ahead of time is surely needed, and maybe a list or two to get it right.

After all, I would say I only ended up wearing 25% of the things I brought. In an effort to learn how to pack like someone who doesn’t just grab the first eight garments strewn across the floor into luggage, I’m setting up some rules for myself for my next trip, wherever it may be:

1. Check the weather

As obvious as this sounds, climate is a huge factor in what you should pack. Something that's wearable in your city may be totally wrong for the place you're visiting. Tap that weather app on your iPhone and you'll be a happy camper.

2. Make a list

Again, making lists is an intrinsic habit for me, as I am a self-proclaimed "compulsive list-maker." It's much easier to organize when you A) write something out by hand B) have a record of inventory.

3. Pack ahead of time

For some reason it seems we are born with the "pack at the last minute" gene and nothing but nothing can change this. Yeah, right. Stop being lazy and just start packing ahead of time to save yourself any headache, or forgetting things at the last minute.

4. Be realistic about how much you will need

If you're taking a

month-long road trip

, that's one thing. For a weekend getaway it's all about being able to stay mobile and packing lightly. Consider the length of your trip and try to visualize your outfits.

5. Take out three things from your packed bag

Seriously, you know you won't need them. Just. Do. It. Don't be afraid to mix and match or re-wear something.

There you have it, a mandate of stipulations for my next jaunt. Do you have any tips that keep you from over-packing? Anything that's essential for you to bring?