Overall Impression


Overalls are "back." As a long time lover of this garment, and yes, I will cite my corduroy, shiny, and denim pairs that I wore when I was 12 and a tomboy, I couldn't be more excited. This particular pair has traveled with me from the west coast to the east. I bought them at my favorite thrift shop in

San Francisco

, where I promptly forgot them in my friend's luggage. When we met up again in

Los Angeles

, I cut them up and wore them at the beach. See (

outfit photos here

.) Then, they went with me to


, where I shipped them back to Brooklyn and patiently waited for their arrival.

The overall as a piece of clothing causes some inconvenience mostly in the way of needing to use the bathroom. You basically have to get fully undressed. BUT - that is a small price to pay for the 90's child, preteen tomboy, or farmer babe look you can take on when you don a pair. 

I plan on collecting many more pairs, hopefully in the printed, silk, and velvet variety. For now, these denim shortalls are perfect for spring, and I wore them yesterday when the sun finally decided to shine in NYC. 

Many bloggers and brands are finding themselves in a love affair with overalls as of late, and even high end designers are pumping out their interpretations. With such a strong backing for a trend that was deemed only fit for manual labor, it's exciting to see workwear and "everyman's" wear break into the world of fashion. 

So what's your overall impression on this dungaree and jumper trend? Do you love it? Hate it? Does it make you nostalgic to see street style photos with girls in overalls? 

Photos by Stephen