Weekend Style | The Archive Room

What does this even do?

A two-way mirror looking into the dark room.

The view from the dark room into the archive room.. freaky.

And then this guy appeared.

Vintage blouse, Thrifted


, Uniqlo


TEXTILE Elizabeth & James 


, Diesel


At school I serve on the editorial staff at my college paper. I started out as a Web Editor, and have played a few different roles over the semesters in making the paper come together. Now I mainly write and edit for the Features section, with my co-editor


. Us crazy journalist kids are a group of nut jobs who obviously don't have enough homework to do, so we'd rather spend more time writing articles and reporting... and spend entire nights in the newsroom editing an issue before it goes off to print. 

This afternoon, both of the News editors happened to be in the office when I stopped in to get some work done after class. (I know, I have class on Saturday, KILL ME). For a while afterward, we scoured issues from the 80's and 90's, learning about our

history as a newspaper

. It was really interesting what people my age were saying about their time. 

Though the dark room has been out of use for quite some time and is now home to cockroaches, something about lurking there felt so eerie and mysterious. I can just picture kids just like us back in the day spending hours in that cramped and stuffy room developing their film. 

Anyhow, I took some photos around our space just for fun. I wonder what I'll find if I try and look up some of those bylines.. 

And now, on to the clothes: 

I went a little online shopping crazy and made several purchases last week (SOMEONE STOP ME), and these



 were one of my coffee-induced acquisitions. I love everything Western, so the moment I saw them it was click-click-done! They're on sale


for only $80 what what? Still, you can try a

similar style

that goes higher up on the leg.

Have you guys heard about

TEXTILE Elizabeth & James

yet? It's a diffusion line of Elizabeth & James (created by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen), priced at a more affordable option for my college-girl-broke-ass. The pieces are more casual, but still pretty luxe. I'm loving the jeans I'm wearing above because they fit like a


I truly appreciate good fit in a piece of clothing. It's kind of an affirmation that I'm investing in quality. Anyway, here is a link to the


. The Olsens are doing denim.. and they're doing it RIGHT! What do you think about it?