Updated Western Wear

Cowboy hat + Blazer? YES!

Hat from a Western store, Vintage jacket and blouse, F21 sweater, J Brand jeans, Diesel boots, Muses & Rebels bracelet

Woaaaah... it's Monday again! Last week I celebrated my birthday starting on Thursday and ending... well, last night! As I've gotten older I've stopped caring about throwing huge parties or making a big deal out the day, so I spread out the birthday fun over the course of a few nights to see all my loved ones. All I really wanted was to be surrounded by my closest friends, and have a little fun.

I shot a ton of photos on my film camera, so I can't wait to get them developed and share. I purposely ditched my DSLR for the weekend and chose to document the festivities on film for obvious reasons. Another reason is that I like the surprise of what returns on film. Also, oftentimes when shooting digital, there is the instant gratification of seeing your image right away, but I also get caught up with getting the "perfect shot." To hell with that -- whatever comes out on film is all right in my book. Plus, part of the charm about film photography is the imperfect little quirks.

Anyhow, this is an outfit I put together with total bed hair and "last night's makeup." I dug out these J Brand jeans from the bottom of my closet and also found this awesome vintage jacket that hasn't gotten much wear. With the addition of a pair of boots and giant hat, I completed my every day look. I'm kind of surprised how well the Western accessories go with a simple blazer and jeans combination, and it's a pair that I'll be wearing together more often. What do you think?

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Photos by Stephen

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