Muses & Rebels

Jacket from a Western store, Vintage blouse and boots, Kill City Jeans, Muses & Rebels  "Satin Gold Sable" Bracelet  and "Silver Midi" top finger rings, Verameat "Baby Head" ring and "Vampire Crown"

When designer of  Muses & Rebels, Natasha, reached out to me about collaborating, I was super jazzed. A quick look at her collection lead me to believe it was meant for me, especially when her fashion philosophy mirrors my own, it being:

"Roll out of bed, throw on a tee, your favorite jeans, and a M&R necklace and be ready for anything. Slip on your vintage leather boots, an understated bracelet and unintentionally become a muse. Day or night, take a risk and wear something different." 

Seriously, how does this lady know my life (and yours)? The pieces she designs are an intermingling of edgy and delicate, boho and rock 'n roll. I threw on the M&R  wrap bracelet and it's found a "forever-home" on my wrist, har har. The tiny and delicate upper finger rings are also so complimentary to the Verameat rings I wear every day! I like how they serve as accents to my already dainty jewelry, and completely fit into my daily look.

As for the rest of my outfit, I took inspiration from the quote above, and donned my favorite jeans, vintage boots, and a blouse that really feels like a t-shirt. Topped with a leather jacket, I truly am ready for anything!

And with that, I'm off to start my Week of Fashion (and school, duh) this season! I'm shooting and attending a few shows, so check back here for full reports!