One Night In The Gritty City of Denver

 I'm wearing Isabelle's vintage coat and Zara blouse, Big Star jeans, Steve Madden shoes, Sorrelli cuff, and Verameat rings.

Isabelle wears a Vintage coat and shoes, American Apparel hat & blouse, and Anthropologie dress.

Because a bizarre flight schedule, I had a layover between Phoenix and Albuquerque in Denver of about twenty hours. I phoned my friend Isabelle, and because of sheer luck found that we'd be in the same city together! We met while working in New York, and since, have missed each other in countless places including San Francisco, Los Angeles, and back in Brooklyn.

Isabelle never touches the ground and is constantly on the move. Her free spirit and jet setting lifestyle are a constant source of inspiration to me - not to mention her insane vintage closet, which I got to go through and play around in. (More on that later, we used Isabelle's collection of rare 60's pieces for a special shoot we did in her apartment.)

Above are some photos Isabelle and I snapped of our night together. We had a quintessential "friends catching up" time where we went to a dive, shopped for some records and vintage, and ended the night at her place with pizza. I sort of needed a low-key day after lots of outdoors activities and traveling here and there. 

Anyhow, I suppose I had romanticized the city of Denver in my head as some sort of quaint and quiet mountain town, but it's nothing like that. It's gritty and street smart and there is an amazing vintage and arts scene, especially in film. I won't insult the city and people of Denver by trying to sum them up in one visit, but my heart is set on spending more time out there.

Photos by myself and Isabelle