Arizona's Superstition Mountains and Ghost Town

The Superstitions.

The Superstition Mountains

Cowboy boot ceiling? How awesome!

Forever 21 poncho, sweater, and tank, Wet Seal jeans, Zara boots, Hat from a Western Store, Dad's camera bag

After an overnight trip, I arrived in Phoenix yesterday after a bit of a hiccup in San Diego. Wanting to waste no time of my two short days here, my cousin and I hit the road. Before visiting the ghost town as we had planned, we ended up stopping for a spur of the moment hike on a small mountain. Once to the top, I was really happy we had made it, but cursed myself for trying to hike in heels. For today's adventures, I will be wearing Docs.

After the hike we drove to Goldfield Ghost Town near Apache Junction. The Superstitions, as they're called, are there just off in front of me in the above photos. At the ghost town, we went to a rattlesnake museum, visited shops, and finally sat to rest at the saloon. There, a real life cowboy (who was also the bartender) drew his loaded gun at me because I told him he was a bad ass. He said, "Watch yourself, lovely." As you can see from the photos above, the saloon was a no-nonsense joint, and became one of my favorite bars in a matter of hours. The dead and stuffed animals and cowboy boots hanging from the ceiling are actually decorative touches I'm secretly dying to bring into my own home...

Photos by myself and Gurjinder